Quentus' primary mission is to support the creation of value within organizations through government support and strategic commitment. To achieve this, we support organizations from the feasibility study phase, developing business and financial files, all communicated in a timely manner to government authorities and strategic investors, as part of the development of organizations.




Strategic advisory firm specializing in government relations and government strategic financing.

For more than 20 years, Quentus' strategic advisers have been supporting local and foreign organizations in achieving their business opportunities and investment projects in Canada.

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Quentus' primary mission is to support the creation of value within organizations through government support and strategic commitment. In this instance, we support organizations from the feasibility study phase, developing business and financial files, communicating the opportunity in a timely manner to government authorities and strategic investors.



Expert Guidance

Thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the government business environment, sectoral and economic policies and guidelines, 

Quentus supports companies by developing and implementing communication strategies, all by allowing positioning and close monitoring at the government level of opportunities and projects submitted.


Key elements of any government approach that aims to be strategic, the Government Relations activities put forward by Quentus aim for strategic interventions with government decision-makers, as well as providing support in the establishment of agreements between an organization and government bodies, all of which ultimately accelerating the entire government process and providing an optimal level of government support.

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Leading support

Strategic business advisers and recognized for our expertise at the international level in attracting foreign investors and in the development of organizations in Canada, we support the companies' executive in the realization of strategic development opportunities.


In addition, as part of our activities with government organizations, we support them in the development and deployment of strategies attracting foreign investors internationally as well as in the development of new business models.


In this way we allow companies to increase their footprint in Canada as part of the establishment or expansion of their activities and allow government authorities to play a leading role in welcoming and developing companies in Canada.




Use the right tools

Responding to increased and sustained competition at the global level of regions and nations in attracting foreign investment and in consolidating their economic activities, strategic financing is intended to be a tool of primary importance for governments in supporting businesses.

Thanks to its knowledge of all the programs, financial incentives and tax measures adapted to companies, Quentus supports organizations in obtaining structuring financial support, such as equity participation, subsidy, loan repayable without interest , tax measures, etc.


In addition, we support companies in corporate financial support of financial institutions and venture capital organizations.

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Convince Decision-Makers

Our ability to quickly structure and develop business files according to government needs and strategic investors, allows us to speed up the entire evaluation and decision-making process at government and business level.

Over the past twenty years, our ability to

integrating all aspects of market, technological, legal and financial development in the context of carrying out and coordinating feasibility studies, made it possible to facilitate the decision-making process of government and business partners in implantation, expansion and merger and acquisition projects.

Thanks to the support of experienced collaborators, we have also been able to pilot major technological projects in various fields, such as artificial intelligence and energy.

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Over the years, Quentus has been involved in the financing and development of opportunities reaching more than $10 billion in Canada, by providing strategic financial support in the implementation of Centers of Excellence, in the implementation and expansion of new facilities, as well as identifying and securing government incentive programs and tax credits measures. Grants, equity participations, interest free loans and other financial facilities and solutions were obtained on behalf of our customers, in a timely manner. Quentus has additionally developed an expertise in obtaining strategic financial support beyond standard government programs and by developing strategic business and financial files in support of companies

demand towards governments support.

​In the last few years Quentus has been retained by Canadian governments entities for the development and deployment of strategies at the international level supporting the attraction of foreign investors in Canada and supporting Canadian companies internationalization activities.

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Quentus has provided government relations services for a Canadian space industry leader seeking support in government strategic financing for the implementation of a new Center of Excellence, as well as for other strategic investments related to the satellite industry. 

​Incentive programs and tax credits measures were identified by Quentus in order to maximize government financial support. Quentus has provided communication strategies towards  government organizations and related stakeholders, as well as assisted in the negotiation and securement of major financial agreements. 


Providing government relations strategic advisory support and strategic business files development services, Quentus has assisted companies in this industry by obtaining government strategic financing beyond normalized government financial programs. 

Quentus advisory services have allowed the implementation of a Center of Excellence, for manufacturing of interiors of a major business aircraft OEM, as well as for the strategic financing of a new Tier 2 supplier in Canada.

Government strategic financing engagement was additionally obtained for the development of a new industrial infrastructure in this industry. 

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Quentus has provided assistance in this industry by supporting the development of a Center of excellence in the E-Business sector through a government tax credit program. Services provided to this customer include government relations activities, business opportunity assessment and all related activities for an investment project in Canada.

Furthermore, Quentus has assisted and supported the development of artificial intelligence prototype platforms and provided business file development, while identifying incentive financial support for a major investment in this field. 


Providing government relations and strategic business file development services, within three months after its hiring, Quentus was able to obtain major financial engagement from the government in supporting this company, for the industrialization of its process and financing of Phase 3 clinical trials.

With more than 20 years of support within various industries assisting the development of companies, thanks to a rigorous approach and deep knowledge of the governmental process, Quentus accelerate the governmental analysis process and maximizes the government level of commitment.

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This major opportunity in the energy sector was assessed by strategic Canadian actors and stakeholders, and Canadian governments ministries and organisms. Strategic advisory services provided by Quentus included feasibility study coordination and analysis, preparation of business and financial files and government relations activities.


Based on its recognized expertise in the field of foreign direct investment and in supporting Canadian companies in developing international markets, Quentus was retained by government ministries and organisms in the development and deployment of new strategies at the international level and in the development of new business models.


Through the years, Quentus has been providing guidance to in-country government representants, and assisted in developing new strategies in the identification and assessment of  international opportunities.

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Strategic business and government relations advisor for more than twenty years, specializing in strategic government project financing and government relations, Mr. Richard advises foreign and local organizations in the development, implementation and financing activities of investment projects and opportunities in Canada.

For the last few years, as a strategic advisor and expert consultant, he has been assisting Canadian government ministries and organisms in developing and deploying strategies for government entities operating at the international level, in supporting the internationalization activities of private Canadian companies, as well as assisting in the attraction of foreign investment in Canada.