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Achieve your investment
projects faster and maximize
financial commitments


Quentus is a leading player for local and foreign companies whose speed and level of government commitment are of primary importance in the decision to invest in Canada.


Through its experience and know-how in setting up industrial and technological subsidiaries and joint ventures, and through its access to a vast Canadian and international financial, governmental and business network, Quentus offers local support in the realization and financing of new implementation and expansion projects.


Present at each phase of the company's project development, from the feasibility study to the strategic financing to the post-investment monitoring, Quentus helps to maximize the level of financial and business commitment from governments and financial institutions, while allowing an the acceleration of decision-making processes.


What sets us apart

  1. Our ease in translating the complexity of your project to facilitate understanding by the various stakeholders.

  2. Our extensive knowledge of the government apparatus and our agility in navigating the
    various decision-making levels.


  3. Our ability to accelerate the project acceptance process and maximize government and institutional commitment.

  4. Our experience and know-how in setting up industrial and technological subsidiaries and joint ventures

  5. Our team of senior strategic advisors who have worked in government, ministries and the senior public service.

"A proven strategic approach that reduces financing and project costs while securing significant government funding commitments"

Business Meeting
Business Meeting
Reaching a Deal

A unique approach for the success of your investment projects

In addition to economic development agencies, Quentus facilitates the management, implementation and development of major industrial and technological companies, and the creation of strategic business and financial partnerships.


Unique in its approach, and thanks to its ability to translate the complexity of your investment project into alignment with the orientations, programs and policies of government and financial institutions, Quentus analyzes the business, financial and technological risks inherent to the opportunity in the development of business files, government communications and applications, in accordance with the criteria and analysis models of government bodies and financial institutions.


Over the years, our approach has facilitated the evaluation, development and financing of large-scale projects totaling more than $10 billion, while significantly reducing the time required to obtain government and institutional financial commitments.

Working nationally and internationally, Quentus is at the heart of the three fundamental elements in the realization of investment projects.








A structuring and strategic approach

  1. Assessment of investment opportunities with regard to economic policies

  2. Identification of government and institutional funding sources

  3. Preparation of files in accordance with government analysis criteria

  4. Government relations and deployment of high-level communications

  5. Local steering and structuring of pre-investment activities 

  6. Financial engineering and development of an optimal financial architecture

  7. Assistance in negotiating agreements with governments and institutions


"Quentus provides companies with an up-to-date government perspective on economic, industry and business policies"

For an evaluation of the potential of your project, we invite you to contact us: • Phone : +1 (514) 232-8588


Claude Richard, Strategic advisor


Specializing in strategic financing and government relations, Mr. Richard advises organizations in the development and financing of their projects and opportunities.

With his extensive experience at government and corporate level, and in the development of government joint ventures, he identifies the best approach in the optimal realization of the business investment project.


+1 514 232-8588

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